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 Winner of  Project Runway Vietnam 2014

Ly Giam Tien, the winner of Project Runway Vietnam 2014 as well as the youngest design talent of the show. Despite the fact that he has never been to any fashion school before, he surprised the judges and the audience by winning three straight challenges in the first three episodes of the show. Furthermore, the youngest designer of Project Runway Vietnam kept his good peformance in several episodes after that, making better impression to the judges than any other contestants. Thanks to his remarkable achievement, he has got plenty of positive compliment from the international judges, especially those from Atelier Chardon Savard Paris, Mr. Jean Paul Cauvin and Mrs. Dominique Chardon Savard. 
Going through challenges with intense resilience, he finally reached championship in the finale, crowned as the youngest designer ever. 
The 18 year old designer had a really tough childhood from an early age as he struggled and made his living with various jobs as a snacks vendor, mason and tailor. Thanks to that, Ly Giam Tien is aware strongly of being independent and having afierce determination to get him out of any difficulty and reach the target. That’s the reason why the young winner never got in to any vocational class or fashion school in design but he always could cherish his passion for fashion and carry on with a huge driving force to make his dream come true. Ly Giam Tien made the fashion luminaries see that his spontaneous ideas and source of creativity is unlimited in fashion. Eventually, he conquered the highest title in finale after overcoming all cut-throat challenges by his consistence, youth and optimism.
His collection showcased in finale with impeccable tailoring, fresh designs and decorative flair from the initial obsession of Paris and its splendid architecture. As a boost after his triumph, Tien’s cooperation with Canifa fashion company has been established, along with Hoang Minh Ha – the first winner of Project Runway season 1. Ly Giam Tien is a proud discovery of the show and he always moves forward to broaden his design career into international heights. 

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